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Step into  Rishishwar Finance  – Your Gateway to Financial Freedom! Dive into a treasure trove of tailored loans, credit cards, and investment adventures curated just for you. At Rishishwar Finance , our passionate team is on a mission to provide expert advice, unbeatable rates, and a dash of personalized magic through our credit card offerings. Immerse yourself in a universe of investment opportunities crafted to make your financial dreams a living reality. Your happiness is our core focus at Rishishwar Finance , where your journey to financial empowerment begins!

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Offering Finances That Make Sense

Compare and Pick the Best

We help you compare the top products from 50+ lenders at one place and pick the right one matched to your profile, ensuring higher approval rates

Get Actionable Insights

We help you keep track of your credit health with month-on-month reports on your credit activities, payment alerts & get you insights to improve your credit score.

Helping You Get Back on Track

We help you analyze all your past credit issues, do regular follow-ups with your lenders & ensure all your issues are resolved, making you eligible for the top loans & credit cards.

Success Stories

Aarti Kaushik

School Teacher

My CIBIL dropped low because of my multiple inqueries. I wasn’t getting personal loan even after many attempt. Thanks to eazemyloan, i finally got a Personal Loan.

Shiv Sharma

Business Owner

Was getting rejected for Business Loan due to less vintage of my Start-Up. Easemyloan helped me to explore my options and get the Loan that suits my business. Got to experience a smooth loan process.

Mrs. Shruti Singh


Very supporting customer care and quite smooth loan process. Great service, Will recommend it to everyone!

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